Thespians Unite!

Theatre season is upon us, and we’re gearing up for another great year!

As always, we’ll be attending Thespian Conferences all around the US to show off some of our fabulous costumes, talk about our costume rentals, and even bring some of our famous merchandise: jewelry, beanies, sweatshirts, scarves, purses, signs, wallets, and more! We get new items every year and we’re excited to share what we have in store for you!

Not able to make it to the conference? Not a problem! We sell all of our merchandise at





Halloween is upon us, but fret not! We are still open and willing to help with any last-minute Halloween needs! Check out our online store or stop in today for costumes, props, decorations, makeup, and even those last minute accessories! Our team of associates are happy to help you any way they can!

So what happens when Halloween season is over? Well, we’ll be sticking around! Whether it be for Conventions, Cosplay, Photo Shoots, Themed Parties, Theatre Rentals, or anything else, we’ll be open to help you with your costuming needs!

Stay tuned to see what the next big event on the calendar Costume Holiday House! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Red Death

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To Look Your Best, Always Rent!

Finding the perfect costume can be a hassle during Halloween. Finding the prefect unique costume can be that much harder; packaged costumes are sold 100fold nation wide and can show up anywhere. No one wants to be the one who shows up to a costume party with a costume that matches someone else.

That’s why we always recommend renting! Renting ensures you get a unique costume that fits you and your style, the event you are going to, and makes sure you have the best time. The quality difference between renting and buying a package costume is substantial, and the price difference between renting and having a custom-made costume tailored to you is a huge difference on your wallet.

For 8 reasons as to why you should rent your costumes, check out our older blog post!

At Costume Holiday House, we are experts at costume rentals, and we ship nationwide. We alter costumes to your specific measurements, and make sure the quality is the best it can be. We want you to win the costume award, and we’ll do our best to make sure you do!

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‘POP’ with Culture!

Pop culture icons are always a favorite during Halloween, and can always be re-used for theme parties! We have enough iconic costumes from popular culture to make your head spin!

Superheroes are everywhere these days, and they are always a favorite during Halloween. From DC to Marvel and back, we have your favorite guys and gals who save the day! Go with the full getup, or just the accessory pieces. Don’t forget your wigs to complete the look! Even if you’re looking to create your own superhero, we have capes and gauntlets to start personalizing your superhero look.

“It’s-a-Mario!” Battle Bowser as one of your two favorite plumbers, or gussy up as the Princess (who always happens to be in a different castle).

princess peach

From Disney to “It”, we have hundreds of different costumes from your favorite franchises. Choose between the Jedi and Sith with Star Wars! Fly with the Enterprise crew to frontiers never before discovered! Try one of our great “It” masks or dance your night away as the bell of the ball!

“Winter is Coming!” From the “Walking Dead” to White Walkers, we have variety of different masks and costumes from your favorite TV shows! Whether it be the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld or even Fred Flintstone, show off your favorite TV star with a bit of pizazz!

sons of the harpy

Whether it be one of Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Prince, we have rental and purchase costumes to help your costume be a top 40’s hit. Breakout with the Beatles, or hit it up as one of the Village People!



R-Vict W Steampunk

Victorian Steampunk Rental Includes 2 piece Victorian western dress, gear broach, zipper necklace, mini-top hat. (Additional accessories not pictured: finger less gloves, spats) *Style & color of rentals will depend on sizes and availability*

Steampunk is a style that has been growing popular over the past few years, and could be applied to almost any era, though is most commonly associated with the Victorian era. With the idea of the absence of technology with steam powered machinery, the concept of steam punk is a fantasy anyone and everyone can become involved in with just a little bit of imagination!

The most popular form of Steampunk, you can easily transform any Victorian costume fashionably acceptable to your next clockwork party! Add a brass broach of gears, a top hat complete with pocket watch, spats and some finger-less lace gloves. Lastly, don’t forget that cane for that last bit of flare!

Vict Man

1…2…3…DRAW! No town is big enough for the two of you when you strap on your bowler, goggles, and holster. We have some great steam punk style guns to complete your look, or eve geared bowtie for something a bit less wild and a bit more flashy.

Rule over the seas with the most advanced powered costume there is! With steam punk eye patches and goggles, flying boots, and steam powered pistols, you’ll be the winner of this costume duel!

Apocalypse Pirate

From damsel to dauntless, you can turn the perfect princess into a spunky fearless rebel. Shorten your skirt and put on your boots for a little more daring adventure. Loose the Tiara for a more teased look in your hair, adding maybe a top hat or ribbon for a bit of spice. Don’t forget your leather armor, ready for any dragon or danger that might head your way!

Rebel Snow White

Already have a look but just need the accessories to get the true Steampunk fashion? From boot tops to hats, jewelry, and masks, we have what you need to make your costume perfect!

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We believe in using the best makeup for the best look that is sure to impress and last! We carry top theatrical brands BenNye and Mehron, knowing that higher quality means a better look. Our staff is trained to help you achieve the look you are hoping for, whatever Halloween costume you may need. Below are just a few of our recommended products for your best All Hallows Eve look!

For a little cut or a ripped throat, and we are stocked for any type of blood you may need. BenNye is a toxic-free blood that you can even use to coat your teeth and creep out anyone*. It even has a great mint taste! You can get a small amount, or a large amount to stain your clothes for the perfect Zombie look. Use Thick Blood or Fresh Scab for bullet or knife wounds, even ripping flesh. We even have 3D gel for a more clotted blood look!



*BenNye Stage Blood is not meant to be swallowed.


Liquid Latex is a multi-purpose liquid rubber. You can create 3D appliances like boils, bullet wounds, gashes, and more by using Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax or Mehron’s SynWax. Available in clear or flesh tone, this product is perfect for creating a character with a touch more realism and out of this world. Allergic to latex? Try Ben Nye or Mehron 3D Gel. A gelatin based product, water soluble, which can also be applied in hair! Safe and fun for kids too!


Choose from Zombie, Monster, Death, Bruise, and even Burns and Blister Wheels to complete your perfect creepy look. Don’t forget your foundation powder to keep your look lasting all night!


Professional quality, this product is safe and easy to use! Hypoallergenic and water activated, these colors are bright and perfect for making zombies, day of the dead sugar skulls, devils, or any creature you can think of. Blendable and easy to use, you can apply them with either a hydro sponge or a brush. Always remember your barrier spray for that extra bit of protection! Available in singular containers or pallets!

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Front Window

‘Tis the Halloween season for spook-tacular decorations, fabulous costumes, and sweet, sweet candy!! Time to decorate your lawns with gaudy ghouls, big bats, wicked witches, and creepy cauldrons. Dress up as your favorite character this year: perhaps a princess or a zombie? Something steam punk or something related to pop culture? Halloween is one of the few days of the year you can show off your flair and style.

Handing out candy? Don’t forget your lawn decorations to help your neighborhood get into the Halloween Spirit! Creep out your house with strobe lights and ragged curtains in the window. Spook-ify your yard with bobbing ghosts and fog machines!

When hosting a party, props are a must! Spiders and flies on the snack table are sure to give your guests a scare. Hang bats and cobwebs from the ceiling and have limbs stick out from under furniture to truly make your pad a haunted house. Light your windows with candelabras to accentuate the atmosphere.

The biggest stress of Halloween is finding a costume no one else has. Pirate, Romani, Victorian Woman, Superhero, and just about anything else! We carry costumes to buy, rent, hats, gloves, tights, makeup, and a variety of other accessories to perfect your Halloween look.

Accessories are what make or break a costume, and we have accessories galore. From gloves to tights, hats and wigs, canes, boas, and jewelry, we have a wide selection. From vampire chokers to princess tiaras, character wigs to steam punk hats, we have what you need!

We believe that Halloween should be stress-free and fun, which is why we always have our Monster Madness sale at the beginning of the season. In our Columbus and Fremont stores, Sept 29, 30, and Oct 1st, you will find a variety of our merchandise and rentals on sale.

Want to get into the spirit, but not sure what to do this year? Feel free to post in our comments and we’d be happy to help!

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Summer is almost over, but we’ve been keeping busy! One of the things we always do is go through our inventory and see what needs fixed, replaced and refreshed. It’s something everyone on staff can enjoy doing together. And recently, we’ve been working on women’s hats.

Women’s hats come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns with all different sorts of garnishes that can include ribbons, bows, buttons, lace, feathers, beads, and a variety of other items. Just the right hat can take a simple dress and make a fabulous costume piece!


Bonnets can perk up a simple dress and give it that touch of glamour to bring a character to life. Picking the right trim and bits to spruce up a bonnet can be tricky, but will give it the touch it needs to go from a simple accessory to a must-have addition to your costume. Bonnets can range for different time periods and different occasions:

Perhaps just a simple bonnet for your production of Little Women to give it that extra pop.

Or a floral accent for that romantic Jane Austin Feel.

Even a little bit of Holiday Colors to keep your head warm while you are out singing Christmas Carols.




While straw hats may be a bit of a hassle for upkeep, they can be perfect for giving that spring feel you need to complete a costume.

Pull one of these smaller straw hats for a venture with “Oklahoma!”


Maybe try one of the larger straw hats for a ‘Jolly Holiday’.
Straw Fancy

Dress like Scarlett O’Hara ready for a picnic at Twelve Oaks!
Straw Scarlett

1900’s HATS

Once the 1900’s hit, hats became a embellished centerpiece for a costume. In the early years, big brims with multiple bows, large feathers, and flowers were a must for any outfit to be deemed ‘complete‘!

Get ready to board the Titanic with enough flair to make the Unsinkable Molly Brown proud!
Titanic 1

‘Pick-a-Little’ and ‘Talk-a-Little’ in one of these fabulously gossip-appropriate pieces!
pick-a-little-2.jpgPick a Little 1


There are hats to fit all occasions, from the medieval and renaissance periods all the way through the modern era. Needless to say we have too many hats within our stores to picture all, but we have plenty for all occasion and any outfit you may choose to rent. Whether for a theatrical production, Halloween, or a themed party, we have the hat for you to be bold and show your flair!

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May the 4th be with you!

The un-official day known as “Star Wars Day” is soon approaching! May the 4th has turned into a dress-up Holiday that Star Wars fans everywhere can celebrate and enjoy! All our staff here at Costume Holiday House, we love to dress up for any reason!

Grab your light sabers, Jedi robes, and bring along Han Solo and you are sure to have a great time celebrating May the 4th! We suggest making it fun and easy for anyone to enjoy, visit our website and pick out your favorite costume! Why not have a few friends over, have a light-saber battle or watch a couple episodes from the Star Wars franchise. I know all our staff are super excited for the new movies set to arrive to theaters in the coming years. Star Wars will forever be around!





Shrek the Musical!

Shrek the Musical! Rental Costumes Available June 9, 2014

Shrek the Musical!

Here at Costume Holiday House, we always try to stay on top of the game. Through collaboration with several licensing agencies, including Musical Theatre International, we are able to find out which plays and musicals are becoming available, and which ones are going to be popular.

Last year, when we found out that Shrek the Musical was going to be released, our head costume designer began researching the show. She was able to collaborate with the director at Celina High School in Ohio, to come up with a professional, yet functional, set of costumes for the show.

Shrek Costumes

Little Shrek with his parents, Mama and Papa Ogre


Little Fiona with her parents, Queen Lillian and King Harold


Little Shrek surrounded by the Happy People of the chorus.

cel-hs-shrek-021_full cel-hs-shrek-022_full

Shrek, all grown up!


Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Mad Hatter and a Witch!


The Three Pigs and the Three Blind Mice


Pinnochio, with a group of fairytale creatures, talking to a Guard


Papa Bear, the White Rabbit, Mama Bear and Baby Bear

cel-hs-shrek-037_full cel-hs-shrek-039_full

Shrek surrounded by Fairytale creatures including: Mad Hatter, the Tweedles, Pinocchio, White Rabbit, Witch, the 3 Bears, the 3 Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, Cobblers Elf, Peter Pan, Sugar Plum Fairy, Ugly Duckling and Humpty Dumpty!

cel-hs-shrek-050_full cel-hs-shrek-062_full

Best buds, Shrek and Donkey


Lord Farquaad with his Guards


Lord Farquaad with his Duloc Performers


Princess Fiona


Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad and Shrek at the Wedding


Fiona in her true Ogress form

For more information about renting costumes for Shrek the Musical, fill out our inquiry form or download our free theatrical rental packet.

For more information about Shrek the Musical, visit MTI’s Shrek webpage.

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